My name is Merrie 

Let me introduce myself... I'm Merrie the rescue cat. I'm 14 years old and I've got cancer: a tumour in my mouth. It was about 4 cm across and was preventing me from eating as it stopped me from opening my mouth. It couldn't be surgically removed and chemotherapy is not effective for this kind of cancer. Therefore my family took me to a clinic for radiotherapy. For two weeks I had a session every working day.

In order to stop me wasting away the doctors put a tube into my oesophagus so that I could be fed through it. Before they did that I had lost about 1 kilo, nearly a quarter of my body weight: I don't recommend this as a slimming strategy!. Because I hadn't eaten for so long, my stomach had shrunk and I could only be fed 8ml of food five times a day.  However I soon adapted and now I'm getting fed 40 ml six times a day.   That feels so much better: I've gained nearly 400 grams over the last few days.

The tumour has already shrunk quite a lot as you can see in the photos of before and after. In order to slow down its growth I'm on a whole bunch of medicines. One advantage of the tube is that I don't have to swallow them: they can be squirted directly into the tube along with my food.

The doctors warned that I might get a sore eye and as you can see, they were right! I have a check up every week so I have some medicine for it. And now I've got a runny nose which is making me a bit miserable.

My mum and dad started this website. And on facebook and on twitter  they created a page for me. You can get there by clicking on the cat and bird below.   Please like and follow them, so that you can see how I progress...

Webcam of Merrie 

On the facebook page of MerrieCat we will show you now and then some live videos of her. You'll find the latest  below. 

The first time that I've eaten by myself for over a month. Why does my staff have tears in their eyes?

Feeling better tonight.

Feeding with a sonde.


Helping other animals


I have got a loving family who are looking after me. Other animals are not so lucky. If you would like to help them please give something to Nos Amis Les Animaux 85480. You'll find more details about NALA 85480  and how you can help by clicking on the red button Look More below.


Even just 1  per month would help by joining the NALA 85480 group on Teaming

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